Speech Bubbles

Here’s a great idea I found on another speech blog website.  This activity helps children learn how to make inferences, use theory of mind, and formulate and write complete and grammatically correct sentences.  Simply find pictures of people doing something (ie, washing a car, doing dishes, hiking, etc), and then have the children create a conversation bubble and write a sentence from the point of view of the person in the picture.  It’s also a cheap, engaging activity that can be done over and over! I love it, it’s the perfect speech activity!

Speech Therapy Now

speech bubble

I found these big dry erase speech bubbles at the Target dollar section and individual speech bubbles at the dollar section at Wal-mart before school started.  I had the individual speech bubbles laminate so we could use dry erase markers on them.  My students love this activity.  I give each of them a card from my Webber Photo Cards Story Starters.  They have to look at the picture and infer on what is being said in the photo.  They then have to write at least one sentence that could be used the in conversation of the picture.

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