You know you’re an SLP when…

OK, I had to reblog this for all you SLP’s out there. This is great for a laugh!

so to Speak

This phrase pops up a lot in my search engine terms so I thought I’d compile an extensive list of some of my favorite SLP inside-jokes.

Here we go:

You know you’re a Speech-Language Pathologist when…

…you speak entirely in abbreviations

…you are often caught spending endless amounts of money in the dollar store and yelling “WHAT?! Its for my JOB, ok?!?!”

…you casually drop the words “diadochokinetic rates” at parties to impress your friends

…you are the only adult you know who still plays with bubbles on a daily basis and enjoys it

…you could easily do language therapy with the items in your purse

…you carry earplugs around and worry about infant hearing loss at hockey games

…you ask excitedly to look in someone’s ears if they say they’re sick

…you understand that ‘ship’ and ‘sip’ do NOT start with the same sound

…you’ve been known to talk…

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