Great Vocabulary Resources

I was poking around on the web trying to find some adult vocabulary resources to use with one of my clients with a mild TBI, and I found some great FREE stuff, so I thought I’d share!

The Longman Vocabulary Website has access to several types of vocabulary words (ie, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, word parts, etc).  These are great for helping your adult clients build vocabulary.

longman vocab website  is a great homework tool for working on vocabulary.  After you register (again, it’s FREE!), you are given questions to assess your knowledge of vocabulary.  The questions get harder as you answer them correctly, and become easier when you answer them incorrectly.  The website then lists words for you to master and provides practice questions.  It also charts your progress!  The only down-side to this website is that the vocabulary is too advanced for use with children; otherwise, it would be a perfect SLP tool!

vocab . com

Self-Study English Vocabulary Quizzes were originally created for ESL learners, but they are perfect for our speech clients as well!  There are TONS of FREE vocab quiz lists to choose from!  They range from easy to difficult and cover all sorts of categories.  Check it out!

english quizzes

Until next time,

Aersta Acerson

A Utah Speech Therapist


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