Friday Favs: 4/26/13

friday favs

OK, I realized I’m a little late on this.  This post should be titled “Saturday Favs” rather than “Friday Favs,” but you know what they say: Better late than never!  Here’s some favorites I found this week:

1.  Using Oral Storytelling in treatment for students with fluency and language disorders.  This is a post I wrote this week, and I’m excited about it.  If you try it in therapy with your own kids, I’d love to know what you think!

2.  Great lists of multiple meaning words sorted by grade level at

3. A great, FREE website containing hundreds of sound effects in several different categories.  This is a great resource for working with kiddos struggling with Auditory Processing or Auditory Attention.

4. has a webpage that explains, in detail, all of the developmental patterns and movements for all of the oral structures.  There are also detailed descriptions of atypical patterns.  This is a great resource for in-depth oral motor assessments and feeding therapy.

5.  CommunicationStation has a great post for tongue thrust therapy.  Check it out!

Until next time,

Aersta Acerson

A Utah Speech Therapist


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