How Many Times a Week Should My Child Receive Have Speech Therapy?

This, like most questions, depends on the child.  However, there are some things that must be considered:

  1. What can you afford?  If your budget only allows for one 30-minute session per week, then that’s how much therapy your child should receive!  Don’t beat yourself up for not being able to provide more for your child.  Some therapy is better than none, and children can make progress with one session per week.  Keep in mind, you may need to put in a little extra effort at home with speech homework so that your child can make progress quickly.
  2. How severe is my child’s speech or language disorder?  Some children require more intensive intervention than others.  The more severe the problem, the more therapy a child will need.

With those questions in mind, I typically start clients at two 30-minute sessions per week.  I find that, initially, this schedule elicits the most and the quickest progress from my clients.  I have found that sessions lasting longer than 30-minutes aren’t as productive per minute because of children’s short attention spans.  In addition, I tend to see more progress with two sessions per week as opposed to one session per week.


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