Friday Favs: 5/31/13

friday favs

Wow, there was a TON of great stuff posted in the speech blogging world this week!  Must be that the end of the school year somehow gets those creative juices flowing (or maybe now we just have time to act on all those great ideas…)!  Here are my favorites from the week.  Enjoy!

1) Crazy Speech World posted a great idea for articulation carryover!  They are cute, simple bookmarks that you can give to your students. Simply have the students write down words that contain their speech sound from the books they are reading.  This could also be easily used for language goals as well.  What a great idea!  Oh, and did I mention it’s a FREEBIE?!

2) Here’s a categories game FREEBIE from Home Sweet Speech Room!

3) The Speech Bubble posted some great ideas this week!

  • The first post is a list of great games that can be used during speech therapy as motivators and to target speech and language goals.
  • The second post is a great, easy DIY idea motivating students!  She shows how to create “Sticky Sticks.”  Basically, they are sticks with suction cups attached to make picking up cards more engaging.  It reminds me of the stick magnets from Super Duper Inc, but a lot cheaper!

4) Here’s a great summer following directions activity FREEBIE from Expressly Speaking!

5) Teach Speech 365 has posted about some great games that are motivating and allow you to get a lot of trials out of your students!

6) Speech Universe posted a great, simple, DIY motivator activity!

Until next time,

Aersta Acerson

A Utah Speech Therapist


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