Friday Favs: 6/14/13

friday favs

Welcome to this week’s Friday Favs!  Here are my favorite discoveries from this past week:

1) I created my own TPT store this week!!!  I’m pretty stoked about it.  I realize it’s poor timing for most of you since school just ended, but I own my own practice and summer tends to be busier for me than the school year.  Parents often hire a private therapist for summer months to ensure their children continue to improve throughout the summer months.  So, I’ve been more busy with making materials lately.  I figure, if I’m going to make them, I might as well share them with others, right?  Thus, my TPT store was born.  Check it out here!

2) Activity Tailor posted a FREEBIE list of frequently used R words.  I LOVE this!  R is sooo tricky, and I’m constantly on the lookout for good R word lists.  Thanks for posting!

3) Language of Speech posted about her Pinterest board of ads for inferencing, and how she uses them in therapy.  Check it out, she’s got some great stuff pinned.

4) I just discovered this week.  Though I haven’t looked at their site thoroughly, it looks like they have some great education apps for very reasonable prices!

5) Smart Speech Therapy posted a great, FREE presentation on types of speech cues.  This is probably my favorite find for the week, because I’ve been thinking lately that I need to be better at documenting exactly what kinds of cues I’m giving my students in order for them to be successful.  This short presentation gives great info on all of the different types of cuing.  I think I’m going to create a more detailed data tracking sheet now.  Thanks for sharing!

Until next time,

Aersta Acerson
A Utah Speech Therapist

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