My Favorite Apps for Speech Therapy

Here’s an update of my favorite apps that use with my clients!  Please click here to review other apps I find useful in therapy.

Apps for Children:

ABA Flash Cards by I love these apps!  I use them for kids in PK and Kindergarten to help with learning basic noun/verb vocabulary.



  • High quality, realistic photographs for each vocabulary word
  • NO ads!
  • Each photograph is verbally spoken and also has the word written under the photograph
  • Setting options for shuffling cards, voice audio, timer, description feature, and reinforcement
  • Ability to hand-pick vocabulary words
  • Data tracking capability
  • Timer for precision timing activities


  • No game/engaging feature.  Basically, this app contains digital flash cards.  Another activity is required to keep those kiddos motivated!

Sort it Out 1 & 2 by This is a great category sorting app for young children!  It teaches students how to sort objects within categories.  For example, the food category sorts food into condiments, fruits, and veggies.  Between the two apps (Sort it Out 1 and Sort it Out 2), there are 4 free sorting categories with the option to buy more.

sort it out

Apps for Adults:

I like to use the following apps with my client who has a mild TBI.  He has difficulty with naming, word finding, attention, and working memory, so we do a lot of word association activities.  Click here to read my post about activities for mild TBI.

Lingo by Janes Works Co: This app is a word associations game for idioms.  Each level contains 8 common idioms that have been separated in half.  The player needs to match the first half of the idiom with the second half.


Word to Word Association by MochiBits, Inc: This app is a word associations app with the same game-play as Lingo.  Instead of idioms, however, only words are used.

word to word

Chain of Thought by Jay Bacal is another word associations app.  This game is fun to play because it creates a chain reaction with words.  The player is given a word to begin with, and then provided with a list of possible word associations.  The purpose of the game is to choose the words in the correct order so that every word is used in a word association chain.  The trick is to pick the best match, so that all of the given words are used and fit in the chain.

chain of thought

Until next time,

Aersta Acerson
A Utah Speech Therapist

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