Friday Favs: 6/21/13

friday favs

Wow, totally forgot to post Friday Favs yesterday!  Here are my favorites from the week!

1)  Meal Time Hostage is a blog written by a mother with a son who has a feeding disorder.  It’s all about her struggles and feelings about her son’s disorder.  I love reading it because it gives me a great idea of a parent’s perspective of raising a child with a feeding disorder.  I think it’s always great to try to relate to what the parent is going through with any disorder that we work with.  We see children with disorders all of the time, so it can be easy to forget that this is the first time the parent has experienced this disorder, and it’s scary because it’s their child.

2)  Expressly Speaking posted a what and where questions FREEBIE!

3)  Playing with Words 365 posted about her favorite websites for FREE speech materials!  Great info!

4)  Jen at Crazy Speech World posted a summer picnic what doesn’t belong categories FREEBIE!

Until next time,

Aersta Acerson
A Utah Speech Therapist

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