Bye-bye Google Reader

Have you heard the news?  As of tomorrow, July 1, Google Reader will no longer exist.  So.  What to do about all of those blogs you follow!?  Not to fear, there are other options, most of which function better than Google Reader, in my humble opinion.  I actually started using Google Reader a few months ago and quickly realized I HATED it.  I did not find it very user friendly.  So, I began searching for other options, and I found  I LOVE this reader!  It’s free, and all you need do is set up an account.  Once that is done, simply start searching for your favorite blogs and start following them!  I have been told that you can export your blogs from Google Reader into, but that feature is only available until Google Reader is gone, so hurry and do it today!  Here’s why I like

  1. Simple, easy to use user-interface.  All new posts are listed by most recently published.  Each post is given a summary of the post and an image contained in the post, if there are any.  If what you read sounds interesting, you can click on the link to take you to the full post.
  2. Ability to categorize blogs.  Have different kinds of blogs that you follow?  You can categorize them into groups.  For instance, I have recipe blogs, speech blogs, mommy blogs, and friend’s blogs.
  3. Ability to “like” posts.  If you happen to really like a particular post, click the “like” button, and it will be saved on your likes page for easy reference.
  4. offers a great plugin you can download for free.  It places an icon in your browser’s menu bar that shows when new posts have been posted on the blogs you are following.  This way, you know when there is something new to read!

What other blog readers do you like?

Until next time,

Aersta Acerson
A Utah Speech Therapist

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