Comprehensive, Informal Syntax Assessment!

syntax cover

I’m sooo excited to share a new product I have created with you!  It’s my Comprehensive & Informal Syntax Assessment!  Have you ever noticed there doesn’t seem to be a good, comprehensive syntax assessment anywhere!?  Standardized tests only test a handful of forms, and I have yet to find a comprehensive resource on the market, so I decided to make one!  I’m so excited about this, because there is nothing else quite like it out there (at least I haven’t been able to find anything), so I’m hoping this can be a valuable addition to your materials collection!

This is a HUGE 79 page, evidence-based packet designed to provide a screen for all of the major grammar forms and sentence structures. The first half of the packet contains cute, engaging, and professional stimulus pictures for each of the assessments. The second half of the packet contains easy-to-use assessment forms. Each assessment sheet provides the age of acquisition based on current research for each grammar form.  Each assessment sheet also includes corresponding Common Core Standards to help you when writing goals and IEPs.

who form syntax who

Because this packet IS NOT a standardized assessment, and cannot be used to diagnose speech or language disorders, you can hand pick any or all of the provided assessments to screen your student’s abilities in each area. This packet assesses the following syntax forms:

• Answering Y/N Questions
• Answering Wh Questions: Who, What, Where, Why, When (Wh questions organized by order of acquisition)
• Articles (a, the)
• Auxiliary Verbs
• Coordinate and Subordinate Clauses (use of and, or, but, because to create a complex sentence)
• Do/Does Subject/Verb Agreement
• Have/Has Subject/Verb Agreement
• Irregular Past Tense
• Irregular Plurals
• Negatives
• Noun-Verb-Adjective Sentences
• Noun-Verb-Prepositional Phrase Sentences
• Possessives
• Prepositions
• Present Progressive (noun is verbing) Sentences
• Regular Comparatives and Superlatives
• Regular Past Tense
• Regular Plurals
• Simple Future Tense
• Subjective Pronouns (I, We, You, He, She, They, It)
• Subject-Verb-Object Sentences

You can purchase this packet at my TPT store here!  Don’t forget to let me know what you like about it, and how you think it can be improved!

Until next time,
Aersta Acerson

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