Artic Word Wall: A Tip for Articulation Generalization! (And a Linky Party)

artic wall

The Dynamic Duo has started a linky party, so I thought I’d join!  Check out their post for details.  All right everyone, I have an easy tip to help your articulation students begin generalizing their sound from the very beginning of treatment!  I call it my Articulation Word Wall.  Basically, an articulation word wall is a poster or bulletin board (depending on how much space you have in your room, I mean closet…) divided into areas for the most common articulation error phonemes: /r/, /s/, /k/, /l/, /th/, etc.  Once a child can produce their sound in isolation and is ready to move on to using their sound in words, I ask them to identify a word they use often that begins with their sound.  It could be their name, a family member’s or friend’s name, a pet name, or a favorite hobby.  For example, if I had a student named Katie working on the /k/ sound, her name would be a fantastic choice!  Whatever the word is, I make sure it’s a word they use daily.  Once the child and I have agreed on a word, I tell the child that this is their new “100%” word.  I explain that I know they can’t say their sound correctly all of the time yet, but I KNOW they can say one word correctly 100% of the time: their 100% word.  I like to make a big deal over this new word, and take time placing the word on my word wall.  I then tell the child I will ask them at the beginning of each session if they have been using their 100% word correctly.  Pretty soon they are using that word correctly in most contexts, and we move on to picking another 100% word!  Simple and effective!  How do you like to encourage generalization?

Until next time,

Aersta Acerson
A Utah Speech Therapist

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