Treatment Tip Tuesday! Take Home Tasks

treatment tip tues

Welcome to the first installment of Treatment Tip Tuesday!  My goal is to post a therapy-related post each Tuesday, so here’s my tip for this week!  A few weeks ago, I was reading speech blogs, and I came across the idea of using Take-Home Tasks with students.  I have looked for the original post to give credit, and I can’t find it, so if anyone knows of the original post, please let me know!  Anyway, the idea is to have several different speech and language worksheets available for all different targets: articulation, vocabulary, describing, conversation, etc.  The students then grab whichever worksheet they would like, and take it home and work on it with their families.  I like this idea for a couple of reasons:

1)  It’s easy!  I’ll I have to do is print off a bunch of different worksheets and have them available in my room!  I don’t have to worry about matching homework to what was addressed in therapy.  I just print off the papers, the kids take them home, and it’s done!

2)  It works for most students, and it encourages the students & parents to take more responsibility of their speech and language learning.  Let’s face it: rarely do our students only have one or two goals they need to work on.  There are those few /r/ & /s/ only artic kids, but most of our students have other areas of language to work on as well.  In fact, most kids have more issues than we can adequately address in one school year.  Sending home random worksheets allows areas we may not have time to address to be addressed and generalized outside of the therapy room.

3)  Allowing the students to pick their Take-Home Tasks gives them some choice, power, and responsibility over their speech therapy.  I’m hoping that because they are allowed to choose, they will feel more motivated to work on the papers at home with their families.

So, what worksheets am I using?  Well, I have a TON of random worksheets lying around in my file cabinets (and I’m sure you do as well), so for now, I am using those.  Eventually, I plan on making my own worksheets for various targets and aligning them to common core standards, but until then, I’ll have to stick with what I’ve got!  I’ll keep you updated on my progress.  🙂  What do you like to send home for homework?

Until next time,

Aersta Acerson
A Utah Speech Therapist

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