Attendance & Cancellation Policies

Arrive On Time:

  • Please arrive on-time for your scheduled session.  The appointment will end on-time regardless of when the child arrives.  No refunds will be given for tardiness.

Canceled Sessions:

  • Please call, text, or email the therapist a minimum of 12 hours prior to an appointment if you need to cancel the appointment.
  • Appointments may be canceled without penalty if the child is sick.  IF YOUR CHILD IS ILL, PLEASE KEEP THEM HOME.
  • Credit for canceled appointments is given on the following month’s invoice.

Adult Attendance:

  • It is highly recommended that an adult attend and stay with the child for the duration of the session.  It is critical to the success of the child’s therapy that an adult understand and implement therapy techniques at home.  The more a child practices at home, the faster they will improve, ultimately resulting in fewer therapy sessions.  If you are unable to attend for the duration of the session, please arrive to pick up your child 5 minutes before the conclusion of the session so that the therapist may review homework exercises for the week.
  • Please be advised that unaccompanied adult males will not be allowed into the therapy session.  Therapy is conducted out of the home of our female therapist, and for the safety of both her and her clients, unaccompanied men will not be allowed to enter the home.  However, fathers accompanied by a woman are welcome to view the session.

Other Children:

  • If possible, please leave your other children at home, as they can be distracting during the session.  However, if no other arrangements can be made, you may bring your other children.  They will need to sit and play quietly during the session.  Please bring quiet activities for them.