Friday Favs: 6/21/13

friday favs

Wow, totally forgot to post Friday Favs yesterday!  Here are my favorites from the week! Continue reading


Food Texture Developmental Milestones

If you are a new parent and confused about when to introduce different foods to your child, look no further!  Below is an easy to understand developmental milestones table for food textures to make your life a little easier.

Food milestones

Mealtime Myths Debunked

girl eatingDr. Kay Toomey is a renowned Feeding Specialist and is the creator of the popular and evidenced-based SOS feeding approach.  She frequently discusses and debunks 10 meal-time myths.  Below, I discuss some of the more popular feeding myths and explain why they are false.

1)  Humans know how to eat instinctively.  Actually, eating is only instinctive in the first few months of life.  Infants eat by programmed reflexes called rooting, sucking, and swallowing.  However, after about age 6 months, infants grow out of these reflexes in favor of learned motor behaviors.  In other words, after age 6 months, eating habits are learned, not instinctive. Continue reading

Friday Favs: 5/24/13

friday favs

If you’re new to Friday Favs, this is where I post all of my favorite finds for the week.  Here’s some great stuff from this past week.  Enjoy!

1) I recently posted about the use of sippy cups for babies and toddlers.  Read all about the pros and cons of sippy cups here! Continue reading

To Use a Sippy Cup or Not Use a Sippy Cup, That is the Question…

If you’re like many parents, you may confused about if/when to introduce a sippy cup to your baby.  Your Mom may have told you that sippy cups are bad for your baby, but your doctor says it’s OK.  Confused yet?  That’s OK.  That’s why I’m here to give you the good and the bad about sippy cups. Continue reading

Friday Favs: 5/10/13

I would just like to start out by saying HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my sweet husband!   We’ve been married 5 years today, and it’s the best decision I ever made!  The 2nd best decision was to suffer through grad school to become a Speech-Language Pathologist!  My career as an SLP has shaped my life and has completely changed the way I view the world.  With that in mind, here’s my Favs from this week! Continue reading