Phonological Awareness Activity for Moderate to Severe Speech Sound Disorders Part 2: Segmenting Sounds

phono awareness

Sorry everyone, I know it’s been awhile since I posted the first post in this two-part series.  Please click here to read about part 1!  As an update for that post, my very unintelligible student can now correctly produce 83% of consonant sounds in isolation simply by using the consonant chart at the beginning of each session.  This is with very little specific placement instruction!  I’m very happy with the results, especially since the consonant chart only takes 2 minutes of therapy time!

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Using Multiple Oppositions for Highly Unintelligible Children

I’ve recently learned of a fantastic technique to use with high unintelligible children.  We’ve all worked with a few of these kids, you know, the ones that are so unintelligible even YOU can’t understand them in spite of your highly accustomed ear?  That kid who maybe correctly produces 3-5 consonant sounds, and then substitutes those sounds for every other consonant?  Or maybe just omits the other consonants altogether?  Either way, the result is highly unintelligible speech.  Well, here’s a technique you can use for that!  It’s called Multiple Oppositions, and it’s a technique used for children who collapse phonemes.  Continue reading

Maximal Pairs

daisysYep, you read that right.  Maximal pairs.  And no, I didn’t really mean to say minimal pairs, but they are very similar.  For those who don’t know, minimal pairs are word pairs that differ by only one phoneme (sound).  For example, “bee” and “beach” are a minimal pair because the only phonetic difference between the two words is the added “ch” sound in the word “beach.”  SLPs use minimal pairs all the time when working with students with phonological and articulation disorders.  Minimal pairs can be very affective in helping children hear their own errors, and can help them understand that sound errors affect the meaning of what they say.

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Friday Favs: 7/1/13

friday favs

Last week, I was on a wonderful vacation.  My husband’s family owns a share on a house boat, so we spent the past week soaking up the sun at Lake Powell in Southern Utah.  If you’ve never heard of it or have never been there, you’re missing out.  It’s hot, it’s beautiful, and it’s big enough to let you forget the world for a little while.  Thus, Friday Favs is brought to you on a Monday this week.  Here are my favorite finds of the week! Continue reading

Final Consonant Deletion Minimal Pairs Packet

Final Consonant Deletion is one of the most common Phonological Processes, and it has a huge impact on intelligibility.  I find that I am constantly writing final consonant deletion goals for my preschoolers.  So, I decided to create a Final Consonant Deletion Minimal Pairs packet!  I love using minimal pairs to help children understand that saying the right sounds matters.  It helps children understand that saying sounds incorrectly can actually change the meaning of what you are saying.  This 11-page packet contains 38 pairs (76 cards total) complete with cute pictures and words so that you can use them with your reading and non-reading students!

my final consonant deletion min pairs with pics PREVIEW_Page_2my final consonant deletion min pairs with pics PREVIEW_Page_3

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Friday Favs: 5/10/13

I would just like to start out by saying HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my sweet husband!   We’ve been married 5 years today, and it’s the best decision I ever made!  The 2nd best decision was to suffer through grad school to become a Speech-Language Pathologist!  My career as an SLP has shaped my life and has completely changed the way I view the world.  With that in mind, here’s my Favs from this week! Continue reading