Room on the Broom Companion Pack!

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I’m excited to introduce my newest product: Room on the Boom Vocabulary Book Companion Pack!  This is a book companion packet for the book Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. It’s a darling story about a witch on a broom who keeps dropping things! It’s a perfect story for October and Halloween.  Continue reading


Friday Faves: 9/20/13

friday favs

Here are my faves!  Have a great weekend!

1) Consonantly Speaking posted some great books for SLPs listed by target category.  Thanks for the awesome resource!

2)  123 Home School 4 Me posted a bunch of darling craft ideas for Halloween.  It’s a great resource if you’re looking for some Halloween craftivity ideas!

3)  LOVE this idea from Carrie’s Speech Corner!  It’s synonym barometers, and it’s FREE!  What a great way to target the Common Core aligned goal of subtlety of meaning in synonyms! Continue reading

Speech & Language Assessment Checklist!

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Hey everyone, I’m excited to share a new product that I have available for you!  It my Speech & Language Assessment Checklist!  This is a 21 page speech & language checklist for the most common speech and language goals used in speech therapy for elementary aged children. Continue reading

Friday Faves: 9/6/13

friday favs

Here’s the faves for the week.  Have a great weekend!

1) I have a new product to share with you!  It’s my Comprehensive & Information Syntax Assessment!  I’m very excited about it, so feel free to check out my post about it here.

2)  Look Who’s Talking wrote a great post with several new/different get to know you games!  If you’re still in the first days of therapy, this might be fun to check out! Continue reading

Comprehensive, Informal Syntax Assessment!

syntax cover

I’m sooo excited to share a new product I have created with you!  It’s my Comprehensive & Informal Syntax Assessment!  Have you ever noticed there doesn’t seem to be a good, comprehensive syntax assessment anywhere!?  Standardized tests only test a handful of forms, and I have yet to find a comprehensive resource on the market, so I decided to make one!  I’m so excited about this, because there is nothing else quite like it out there (at least I haven’t been able to find anything), so I’m hoping this can be a valuable addition to your materials collection! Continue reading

Friday Faves: 8/16/13

friday favs

Here are my faves from the week.  Have a great weekend!

1)  I found this great SLP goal bank with hundreds of different speech & language goals.  Check it out here. Continue reading

Precision Timing

OK, who out there has heard of Precision Timing?  It’s kind of old school, and from what I’ve heard, it disappeared for a little while when speech therapists began pulling away from drill practice.  Well, it’s making a come back because research has shown that (surprise!) lots and lots and lots of practice is really what determines whether or not a child will show progress for a specific goal!  Go figure. Continue reading

Monster Smash Game FREEBIE!

Hey everyone, I’ve got a FREEBIE for you!  It’s an open-ended game I’ve created called Monster Smash.  It’s easy to set up and easy to play.  Perfect for a quick therapy game, or a fun game for the kids at home (for all you parents out there)!

Instructions: Simply print the monster mat and a set of monster cards.  Cut out the cards and laminate if desired.  Place the mat on the table within easy reach of all the players.  Place the monster cards face down on the table.  Each player takes a turn picking a card.  Once a player picks a card, he shows the card to everyone.  All players then look for the monster on the mat.  The first person to find and slap the monster gets to keep the card.  The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins!  You may want to print out multiple card sets depending on the number of players and how long you want the game to last.  You can find this freebie here at my TPT store.  I hope you enjoy it, and let me know what you think!

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monster smash

Until next time,

Aersta Acerson
A Utah Speech Therapist

Friday Faves: 7/26/13

friday favs

Here’s this weeks faves!

1) Speech Universe has a great pronoun FREEBIE!

2) Simply Speech has a great rhyming FREEBIE!

3) NW Speech Therapy has a great post about using pacing boards in therapy.

4) Speech Room News has started a linky party for SLPs to list their favorite therapy games.  If you need some game ideas, this is a great place to start!

5) The Speech Place has a great, easy, fun therapy idea: Clothespin bowling!

6) Kim at Activity Tailor posted a great idea for fluency therapy!  I love the idea of these fluency tower mats!

Until next time,

Aersta Acerson
A Utah Speech Therapist

Friday Faves: 7/19/13

friday favs

Friday Faves on a Saturday!  Here are my favorite finds from this week.  Hope you’re having a great weekend!

1) I recently wrote about Multiple Oppositions.  In case you missed it, check out the post here!

2) Let’s Talk SLP posted a great FREEBIE to use for articulation practice at the syllable level.

3) Liz from Speech Therapy With Liz posted a vocabulary great resource on her TPT store.  It focuses on teaching Tier II vocabulary for grades 2-5, and all vocabulary words were chosen based on Common Core standards.  It’s awesome!

4) Crazy Speech World posted about cheap, DIY Potato Head people using felt.  What a fun idea!

Until next time,

Aersta Acerson
A Utah Speech Therapist