Maximal Pairs

daisysYep, you read that right.  Maximal pairs.  And no, I didn’t really mean to say minimal pairs, but they are very similar.  For those who don’t know, minimal pairs are word pairs that differ by only one phoneme (sound).  For example, “bee” and “beach” are a minimal pair because the only phonetic difference between the two words is the added “ch” sound in the word “beach.”  SLPs use minimal pairs all the time when working with students with phonological and articulation disorders.  Minimal pairs can be very affective in helping children hear their own errors, and can help them understand that sound errors affect the meaning of what they say.

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Friday Favs: 7/5/13

friday favs

Wow, summer is flying by!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day!  My family and I spent the day swimming and attending a family BBQ, then we all went to Utah’s Stadium of Fire.  It’s the biggest event of the year here, and it’s awesome!  Kelly Clarkson performed followed by a fantastic fireworks display.  We had a great time!  Here’s my favorite finds from this week! Continue reading


Hey all you speechies out there, have you heard of  It’s a FANTASTIC website created to help you find speech therapy apps!  Ever get tired of spending hours searching for apps to use in therapy?  Have you ever wished there was an easier way to find what  you are looking for?  I know I have.  Enter is a searchable database listing hundreds of available speech therapy apps.  Better still, allows users to write reviews for the apps they have used, so you can see what other SLP’s think of an app before you purchase!  All you need to do is create a free account to get started. is currently in its beta stage, so the website doesn’t function perfectly yet, but it’s still a fantastic resource, and will only get better with time

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Aersta Acerson
A Utah Speech Therapist

Bye-bye Google Reader

Have you heard the news?  As of tomorrow, July 1, Google Reader will no longer exist.  So.  What to do about all of those blogs you follow!?  Not to fear, there are other options, most of which function better than Google Reader, in my humble opinion.  I actually started using Google Reader a few months ago and quickly realized I HATED it.  I did not find it very user friendly.  So, I began searching for other options, and I found  I LOVE this reader!  It’s free, and all you need do is set up an account.  Once that is done, simply start searching for your favorite blogs and start following them!  I have been told that you can export your blogs from Google Reader into, but that feature is only available until Google Reader is gone, so hurry and do it today!  Here’s why I like

  1. Simple, easy to use user-interface.  All new posts are listed by most recently published.  Each post is given a summary of the post and an image contained in the post, if there are any.  If what you read sounds interesting, you can click on the link to take you to the full post.
  2. Ability to categorize blogs.  Have different kinds of blogs that you follow?  You can categorize them into groups.  For instance, I have recipe blogs, speech blogs, mommy blogs, and friend’s blogs.
  3. Ability to “like” posts.  If you happen to really like a particular post, click the “like” button, and it will be saved on your likes page for easy reference.
  4. offers a great plugin you can download for free.  It places an icon in your browser’s menu bar that shows when new posts have been posted on the blogs you are following.  This way, you know when there is something new to read!

What other blog readers do you like?

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Aersta Acerson
A Utah Speech Therapist

My Favorite Apps for Speech Therapy

Here’s an update of my favorite apps that use with my clients!  Please click here to review other apps I find useful in therapy.

Apps for Children:

ABA Flash Cards by I love these apps!  I use them for kids in PK and Kindergarten to help with learning basic noun/verb vocabulary.


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Toy Story 3 Bop the Alien LCD Game

I have a little client with an extremely short attention span (what SLP doesn’t, right?), so I’ve been on the lookout for new engaging, fast, and easy games/activities I can use with him to keep him motivated and working.  I was browsing the aisles at Wal-Mart, and I came across the best little therapy game!  It’s Disney’s Toy Story 3 Bop the Alien game, and it’s everything a therapy game should be!  It’s an arcade-style game, so it’s super engaging, there’s no set-up, it’s small and portable, and each turn takes less than a minute.  I LOVE IT! Continue reading


OK, if you’ve never heard of, go check it out RIGHT NOW!  It’s this amazing, website that allows you to edit photos.  You can add fun effects, text boxes, banners, textures, frames, and a bunch of other cool stuff!  It’s mostly FREE.  There are a few features that can only be used with a purchased upgrade, but there is a TON you can do with just the free features.  This website is great for blogging, crafty projects, etc.  Take a look, I know you’ll love it!

Until next time,

Aersta Acerson
A Utah Speech Therapist

Minimal Pairs Website

I just wanted to share this GREAT, FREE website that I found for minimal pairs!  Minimal pairs are so helpful for teaching children with articulation errors to discriminate between the sound they are making and the actual correct production, but sometimes it’s hard to think of pairs for your client’s specific needs.  Continue reading