Does My Child Need Speech Therapy?

This is a very complex question.  Every child is different, and it is impossible to answer this question without discussing your concerns about your child’s speech and language development.  I do offer a free phone consultation, and I am happy to answer any questions you may have.  However, I have listed the following Speech & Language Warning Signs.  If your child is doing 2 or more of the following for their age group, I strongly recommend contacting me to further discuss your child’s speech and language development.

Speech & Language Warning Signs

By age 2, your child:

  • Does not understand complex sentences (ie, Pick up your toys and put them in the box.)
  • Does not use two-word combinations (ie, My toy!)
  • Cannot identify common objects and pictures when named.  This includes common categories, such as: body parts, animals, toys, and food.
  • Cannot identify up to 5 body parts.
  • Does not refer to self by name.
  • Does not talk about things they are interested in.
  • Does not understand new words daily.
  • Does not use up to 50 words.
  • Does not use any pronouns.
  • Cannot correctly produce vowels.

By age 3, your child:

  • Is not understood by family or caregivers.
  • Becomes frequently frustrated because he is not understood by others.
  • Does not use 3-6 word combinations.
  • Cannot repeat an utterance when they are not understood.
  • Does not understand functions of common objects.
  • Cannot correctly produce the following sounds in words: w, b, p, m, t, d
  • Does not understand basic concepts, such as: big/little, hot/cold, on/off, etc.
  • Does not have a vocabulary of approximately 1000 words.
  • Does not attend to activities for up to 10 minutes.
  • Cannot repeat up to 3 words or numbers.

By age 4, your child:

  • Is not understood approximately 60% of the time by most strangers.
  • Is not understood approximately 90% of the time by family and caregivers.
  • Does not have a vocabulary of approximately 1500 words.
  • Cannot express complex ideas in short sentences (ie, I’m sad because I lost my bear.)
  • Cannot understand and/or use basic prepositions, such as: under, over, on, in, etc.
  • Does not use past tense verbs correctly.
  • Is unable to correctly repeat simple sentences.
  • Does not understand wh questions, specifically “how” and “why.”
  • Cannot identify basic colors.
  • Cannot correctly produce the following sounds: k, g, f

By age 5, your child:

  • Consistently and frequently produces sentences that are not grammatically correct.
  • Is not understood in all situations by most listeners.
  • Cannot correctly produce most speech sounds.
  • Cannot correctly follow 2-3 step directions.
  • Cannot correctly repeat simple sentences.
  • Does not use sentences of 5-6 words.
  • Does not use pronouns correctly.

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