Why Do I Need Private Speech Therapy? Isn’t it Free at My Child’s School?

Yes, by law, public schools are required to offer free speech and language services to children ages 3 and older who qualify.  Please contact your local school district for more information concerning their services.  However, there are several reasons why private therapy may be a better fit for your child:

  • Many children do not qualify for speech and language services in the local school district or local early intervention services, but may still benefit from speech therapy.
  • Your child may be currently receiving speech and language services at their school, but may need more intervention to be successful.
  • Your child may require more specialized services than is typically offered in other settings, such as aural rehabilitation and tongue thrust.
  • Your child may require more one-on-one attention, or more frequent services than is typically offered in other speech settings.
  • The child’s parent or caregiver would like to be more involved in the child’s therapy.  It is very difficult to be involved in a school setting because of the necessity of group therapy and privacy laws.  However, with a private speech therapist, you can be present and trained during every speech session so that you can implement at home techniques learned during therapy.
  • If you would prefer that your child receive speech and language services without being “pulled out” of their academic curricular activities.