Homework Policies

The therapist gives nearly all clients weekly homework to practice techniques learned in therapy.  It is expected that parents practice homework assignments daily with their child.  Speech Therapy is much like taking piano lessons: the purpose of the therapist is to teach new techniques, but mastery of techniques is done through diligent and consistent home practice.  Just as children will not learn to play the piano without consistent practice, children will not make progress with their speech and language skills without practicing at home.

Practice should be completed daily for 5-10 minutes.  Frequent, short practice sessions are much more effective than infrequent, longer sessions.  Your child will make much more progress by practicing every day for 10 minutes rather than once a week for 60 minutes.

Remember, failure to practice at home will result in limited to no progress with your child’s speech and language skills, resulting in frustration and wasted money.  Don’t let your valued dollars go to waste!  PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!