“My 4 year old boy had a traumatic choking experience.   A couple of weeks after this experience he became ill with a bad sore throat.  During this time he became increasingly afraid of swallowing foods.   He would cry after swallowing and would become very agitated.  One day he stopped eating solid foods.   At the beginning he would only drink milk, Pediassure, and juice.  I was able to slowly introduce purred foods and smoothies into his diet.   This experience affected our whole family and it became increasingly hard to see our little boy who was previously a great eater become so upset and anxious to even bring solid food close to his mouth.  Mrs. Acerson worked with our son one-on-one for a couple of months to help him become comfortable with the process of eating.   Her patience, kindness, and hard work yielded great results.  She created personalized social stories which my son loved to read every night.  She created reward charts for him that kept him motivated through the painstaking process of helping him overcome his trauma.  She taught me techniques that I could implement at home during our daily at-home therapy sessions.   She gave me some great ideas I was able to implement at home to help my son.  My son loved going to see Miss A and would even refer to her as his new friend.  Just two weeks ago our little boy started eating again.   He is so happy and feels such a great sense of accomplishment at what he has accomplished.  I am so grateful for Mrs. Acerson’s help and support during this very trying time.   I’m certain our hours of therapy with her contributed to our son’s recovery.”

P. Rust, Orem Utah